Hassle in handling all your apartment needs?

We can help your apartment management

Dueapps.com is an online platform for apartments and condominiums to manage end to end actions. We will assist as an added arm support for your apartment management. Committee and Residents can entrust the Dueapps.com portal for everything relevant to their administration. All in one platform, you can access from wherever you are.

Apartment Owner Portal
  • Access to apartment rules and regulations
  • Access to apartment meeting minutes
  • Check apartment vendor agreement
  • View digital apartment invoices
  • View digital receipts
  • Track apartment income & expense
  • Access from anywhere
apartment management owner portal
apartment management tenant portal
Apartment Tenant Portal
  • Access to apartment committee members
  • Access to apartment parking slots
  • Manage complaints
  • Check apartment management fee invoice
  • View digital management fee receipts
  • View apartment utility readings
  • 24/7 Access to portal
A complete online

Apartment Management System

Start streamlining your apartment management with Dueapps platform and tools. Cloud based software for apartment owners and managers on the market for better management, better accounting and better communications. Go Paperless with Accurate & Verified Data. Lets Digitalize your apartment.

Online apartment management software, trusted by 100+ apartments across Sri Lanka

Complete Apartment Management Software

Owner, tenant information, parking slot information, service provider/vendor details, assets tracker and monthly invoicing with complete access to the relevant information and contacts. Admin account have their own restrictions.

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apartment management
apartment accounting

When it comes to apartment accounting

Generate invoice against each apartment unit on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis- e.g. Maintenance Fee, sinking funds, water bills and many more. Income and Expense Account Management all in one place.

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Apartment communication is important feature

A shared platform to share your opinions for sensible discussion which will help in developing new ideas to maintain the apartment management in sri lanka.

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apartment communication

Software for apartment management in Sri Lanka?

Call or email us and we will help you to organize your apartment management within 2 days with all required setup, installation, support and training.

apartment invoice system
Stop paper works & excel sheets

Digital Apartment Management Software

Run your entire apartment management with Dueapps.com, No third party software and boring manual data entry are required. A complete inbuilt accounting system. You can manage all transactions between your apartment and resident in a single system.

  • Quick and real-time access to apartment information.
  • Easier to monitor apartment incomes and expenses.
  • Fast communication among owners, tenants and committee.
  • Online real-time access to maintenance invoices and receipts.
  • Maintain all records at one place and access from anywhere.
Manage payment receipts with our

Cloud based Apartment Management System

Our application target is to manage the management income, expense and send reminders to owners and tenants on the due amounts. As well as help to track vendor payments and many more. Get better visibility of your apartment by seeing the debt position of your owners.

  • Go paperless digital apartment management.
  • Use one admin login to manage all units.
  • All invoices & payment history are stored in one place.
  • Residents can access payment history 24/7 via the online portal.
  • All resident communication is aggregated into one dashboard.
apartment system
What are the features in our

Apartment Management System in Sri Lanka

Our application target is to manage the maintenance due and reminding the owners and tenants. Dramatically improve payment with automated mobile and e-mail reminders We keep track of who you reminded and when. Get better visibility of your apartment by seeing the debt position of your owners.

  • No installation / setup
  • Pay as you go
  • Training & Support
  • Apartment Rules & Regulations
  • Apartment Notice Board
  • Apartment Directory
  • Manage Apartment Invoice
  • Apartment Payment Receipts
  • Manage Apartment Complaints
  • Manage Apartment Parking
  • Apartment Meeting Minutes
  • Apartment Polling System
  • Apartment Expense Tracker
  • Manage Apartment Bank / Cash
  • Apartment Asset & Inventory
  • Apartment Audit Report

Time to make a change with your apartment management in Sri Lanka?

Give us a call or email and we will help you to organize your apartment management within 2 days with all required setup, installation, support and training.