Apartment Management

Apartment Features
  • Apartment details
  • Apartment floor unit details
  • Apartment owner, tenant, parking details
  • Apartment rules & regulation
  • Apartment vendors/service providers details
Apartment Vendor Details
Apartment Notice Pop up
  • Committee Member details
  • Meeting Schedules and Meeting Minutes
  • Polling/Voting
  • Events and Notices
  • Complaints received from residents (residents can lodge complain to committee using their residential login)
Manage Income such as
  • Money received for Maintenance Income, Sinking Fund
  • Manage water bills
  • Invoices related to Income
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Income Transactions
Apartment Invoice List
Apartment Payment List
Manage Expenses such as
  • Payments made to Vendors & Service Providers
  • Invoices related to Expenses
  • Outstanding Bills
  • Expense Transactions
Manage Bank & Cash Account
  • Bank/Cash Details (Bank Name, Account Number, etc)
  • Unknown Fund (Fund received from unknown party can be recorded as unknown fund until the depositor is found)
  • Manage transactions between Bank accounts and Cash accounts
  • Fixed Assets (View the Fixed Assets available)
  • Current value of the Fixed Assets
Apartment Add Bank

Apartment Management Complication? Give us a call / email, We will help you to organize your apartment management in 2 days with all required support, training and features.