Apartment Communication

Apartment Features
The Admin (Committee) can
  • Create, edit, delete, view the Events & Notices.
  • Events & Notices could be sent to residents as SMS, Email, or Downloaded as PDF.
  • Schedule a meeting date and send it to residents via SMS or Email.
  • Create, view, edit, delete the Meeting Minutes.

Events/Notices, Meeting Date, Meeting Venue Details and Minutes could be viewed by residents using their login credentials at any time.

Apartment Notice Board Layout
Apartment Polling View
The Admin (Committee) can
  • Create, edit, view Polls.
  • The created poll could be sent as SMS, Email or Downloaded as PDF.
  • Residents can view and cast their vote.
The Resident can
  • Create, edit, view Complaints.
  • Committee can reply using their login.
  • The communication could be downloaded as PDF.
Apartment Add Complaint

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